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Sports for Health, Unity, and Passion

If someone paced back and forth at the world’s most celebrated fantasies, we couldn’t hide the fact that sports are taking the lead. Across the globe, sports have grown into a global phenomenon that attracts millions of viewers, and many spend sleepless nights catching up.

Numerous sports activities have taken the masses by storm, showcasing a vast range of skills and athleticism. These include team sports like soccer and basketball, individual competitions like badminton and table tennis, and the multi-discipline spectacle of the Olympics, among many others.

Sports for Health, Unity, and Passion
Sports for Health, Unity, and Passion

Sports In Education

The new curriculum in East Africa has strived to incorporate games into the syllabuses under the guidance of their ministries of sports in East Africa. All this gives sports a prior place in people’s lives across the world.


We can’t forget e-sports involving the use of dynamic and fast-growing technology to having its own World Cup. This involves video gaming, most embraced by the youth, who find it convenient to compete among themselves without much effort but using high IQs to win.

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Board Games

I have seen intellectuals relax with a different range of board games after their daily routines. From classic strategy games like chess and checkers to wordplay challenges like Scrabble and Boggle, these games offer a chance for mental exercise and social interaction.


I cannot forget swimming coaches back in nursery schools who groomed the world’s best swimmers from the toddler age, like Buganda Princess Katrina, until swimming became more of a hobby than a mere sport.

Talent Development

Many schools like St. Mary’s Schools in Uganda have helped many students grow into talented sports icons by taking students to national levels to compete; the sky is no longer the limit.

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United As One

We can’t deny the fact that sports bring millions of people worldwide together in support of the same team until the finishing point, most notably the FIFA World Cup and the English Premier League.

With this, I can confidently say that sports are life-giving since, after all, they are a prescription for mental stability and good health for you and me.

By Mulongo Sharon

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