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Ntsiki Mazwai And Pearl Thusi’s Beef Reach Feverpitch

Ntsiki Mazwai urged his followers to ignore Pearl Thus after the actress threw a tantrum on Twitter that fans were sure were targeting the writer. Known for expressing his thoughts openly, Ntsiki found himself in another Twitter storm.

If there’s one thing controversial poet and tweep Ntsiki Mazwai has got, it’s leaving the tweep to their feelings about his thoughts and opinions on everything from politics to celebrity culture, and 2020 was no different!

Unless you’re restricted from checking her timeline, Ntsiki’s Twitter TL is a place where you can shout, “Yasss queen, tell em!” or you sigh and wonder, “Why is he always mad?” and there is no in-between.

It all started when he noticed a discussion about Pearl’s hair.

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“Pearl Thusi is half white, and black hair is straightened to match,” he wrote.

It only took a few minutes before Pearl took to Twitter to vent her frustration.

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“Like he was so obsessed that he read about my life, my skin color, then added perfume,” she responded in a now-deleted tweet.

Pearl gave a few hints as to who she was referring to when she tweeted: β€œThat dirty girl freaks me out, and she doesn’t have her facts straight. Wow.”

One tweet even concluded that Pearl was “bullying” the poet.

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Ntsiki was tagged in the tweet response but decided not to participate in the game.

“Ignore him, men; he doesn’t deserve our attention,” he told his followers.

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It is not the first time that Pearl and Ntsiki are at odds.

Their “beef” was at its peak in May last year, when Pearl dismissed Ntsiki’s accusation that she was “disgusting.”

Ntsiki then said that Pearl’s thread was “sad,” before launching into a nice discussion about “the benefits of yellow bone.”.

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Fans were shocked shortly after when Pearl used her Behind the Story platform to call out Ntsiki for supporting artiste Cici in her “assault” case against her ex-partner, Arthur Mafokate.

Ntsiki Mazwai And Pearl Thusi’s Beef Reach Feverpitch

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