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How To Distribute Music And Earn Money Online

Many musicians with great music have failed to put their music on the internet on major music markets like Spotify, Apple Music, Boomplay,, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and others, just because they don’t know how to distribute their music online in This article, I brought your the top 5 music distribution platforms plus their pricing to help get started with the online music business.

Top 5 Music Distribution Platforms

There are many music distribution platforms on the internet, but among the best and most used platforms for beginners are;

  1. Distrokid
  2. Tunecore
  3. CD Baby
  4. ReverbNation
  5. Landr

Ditto (Bonus)

How Much Does Music Distribution Cost

Every music digital distributor has different services they offer, though some have almost similar services but different labeling; this results in different pricing; hence, the price varies, and the extra service you require can also lead to a different budget. For example, TuneCore charges a single price for YouTube ID and distribution, but on Distrokid, the content ID is paid independently.

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The table below shows the cost of music distribution on different platforms

Top 5 Music Distribution Platforms Pricing

TuneCore$49.99/year Unlimited
CD Baby$9.99 one-time fee per single
DistroKid$89.99/year unlimited singles/albums
ReverbNation$199.5/year unlimited singles/albums
LANDR$143.88/year unlimited singles/albums
Ditto$59.9/year unlimited singles/albums
Top 5 Music Distribution Platforms Pricing

Comparison of Top 5 Music Distribution Platforms: Pricing and Features

As mentioned earlier, pricing on these platforms differ, and extra is charged based on the extra service you need; to make it simple for you, I made a table to help you choose a suitable service for your music and budget. You can always migrate from one distributor to another with the help of an Orignal UPC; therefore, in case you don’t like the service of the current distributor any more, you can change without losing the streaming number.

PlatformPricingCustomizable Release DatesYouTube Content IDSpotify CanvasPre-order Option
TuneCore$49.99/year Unlimited
CD Baby$9.99 one-time fee per singleXX
DistroKid$89.99/year unlimited singles/albums
ReverbNation $199.5/year unlimited singles/albumsX
LANDR$143.88/year unlimited singles/albumsXX
Comparison of Top 5 Music Distribution Platforms: Pricing and Features

How To Upload Music To Distribution Platforms.

The process of adding your music to each platform varies since each has a different dashboard. However, all distribution platforms require the original audio, cover image, and copyrights to the music. The video below shows how to upload music on Distrokid.

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How Much Can You Earn Your Music Online

Music platforms basically pay you when a user streams, pays a subscription, buys, or views an advert on your music profile. How this varies from platform to platform is based on their monetization model. Therefore, how much you can earn depends on how often your music is streamed on a particular platform, as long as the stream is valid.


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