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Drone In Kenya: Uses, Regulations, Licenses & Costs

A drone is a general term for any remote-controlled aeroplane. They are commonly called automated flying vehicles (UAVs) or automated aeroplane frameworks (UAS).

Who invented drones first?

The pioneer of UAV technology is an Iraqi nationalist, Abraham Karem, from the Israel Institute of Technology. He assembled his most memorable present-day drone for the Israeli Airforce during the Yom Kippur War in the 1970s.

Drones were at first put into use by the military and government offices that safeguard regional airspace. However, it have tracked down their direction under the control of regular folks because of their refined capacities and developments of light and innocuous Drones, which can be dealt with by the public.

What are the uses of a drone?

Drones have a lot of capacities depending upon the field wherein they are being used. Here are the Drone uses:

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1. Military – Thermo imaging and laser range detectors are utilized to find enemies on a front line and send assaults since military Drones can fly undetected to levels of 50,000 feet.

2. Drone technology can be applied to UAVs to transport packages from the shopping center to the buyer to save the client from the issues of moving out of their homes.

3. Natural Disasters Mitigation – drones are utilized in disasters, for example, floods, to take help and rescue missions.

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4. Photography – Drones can take excellent, clear photographs since they have the latest HD cameras to capture a reasonable perspective on an area.

5. Medication – drones ship clinical supplies in regions that cannot be easily accessed, like deserts and distant locations.

Are drones Allowed in Kenya?

Yes, flying Drones by regular folks is permitted in Kenya subject to The Civil Aviation Act (No. 21 of 2013) and Legal Notice No. 42, The Civil Aviation (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) Regulations, 2020. Working Drones in the Kenyan airspace are directed by Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA)

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Rules for Flying a Drone in Kenya

Kenyan legislators have illustrated the rules of flying drones based on the dangers they pose to individuals. The following are the principles for flying a Drone in the Kenyan airspace.

Category A – Low-risk drones under 25 kg

  •  This Drone works uniquely inside Visual view (VLOS)
  • The UAV ought to be moved away from the air terminals and people
  • The highest flying level is 400 ft.
  • Before the Drone takes off, KCAA ought to be notified

Category B – Lowe risk

  • KCAA ought to be educated before UAV flight
  • Specific guidelines might apply in light of the capability and experience of the Drone pilot
  • Approval of tasks is done after an appropriate risk assessment
  •  Flights are guided by inside Visual view (VLOS)

Category C – high risk

  • These Drones are worked in characterized and allowed airspaces via Air Traffic Control (ATC) and KCAA
  • They are remotely controlled by a professional drone pilot.
  •  The UAV can be moved Beyond Visual view (BVLOS) given that the Drone outperforms the well-being standards
  • The Drone should be competent with a Certificate of Airworthiness by KCAA
  •  The pilot should be authorized by KCAA

How much is a Drone permit in Kenya?

To work a Drone in Kenyan airspace, you must be at least 18 years old. And must comply with the following rules based on the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA).

FeeAmount (KSH)Amount (USD)FrequencyTotal per Year (USD)
Category B AuthorizationSh2,500/day$17.25/dayDaily$6,281.25
Remote Operators’ Certificate (ROC)Sh80,000$552.00Annually$552.00
ROC ManualsSh20,000$138.00Annually$138.00
Import LicenseSh3,000$20.70One-time$20.70
Registration FeeSh2,000$13.80One-time$13.80
Remote Pilot LicenseSh4,000$27.60One-time$27.60
ROC RenewalSh50,000$345.00Annually$345.00
Insurance CostSh15,000$103.50Annually$103.50
How much is a Drone permit in Kenya

How much does a Drone cost in Kenya?

The average expense of Drones goes from Ksh5,000 to Ksh200,000 for mid-level purchaser UAS. More refined drones with super present-day cameras sell at Ksh300,000 to Ksh800,000. the table below shows the average cost of major drone brands on major shopping websites

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Drone ModelPrice (USD)Price (KSH)Website
DJI Mavic Air 2$799.0055,240 KSHAmazon
Parrot Anafi$699.9948,299 KSHBest Buy
Autel Robotics EVO II$1,495.00102,855 KSHB&H Photo Video
Holy Stone HS720$299.9920,699 KSHWalmart
Yuneec Typhoon H3$2,799.00194,214 KSHAdorama
The average cost of drone brands on major shopping websites

Who trains drone pilots in Kenya?

Fahari Aviation is among the top-tier licensed UAS training centers certified by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) that offer Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs), like Drones, training courses tailored for all individuals, from beginners to those with existing aviation experience

It offers an 8-day hypothesis preparation comprehensive of tests and a 2-week viable preparation with at least 5 flight hours an illustration. This is pointed toward evaluating understudies’ expertise level and working on their flying capacity. It takes under a month to turn into an affirmed drone pilot.

Basic Requirements

You must Meet the requirements to train as a UAS pilot in Kenya:

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* Must be 18 years and above

* Must be able to speak and read English

* Applicants should have a substantial Class 3 Medical Certificate, which costs Ksh10,000

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* Must present a certificate of good conduct that has been delivered as of late and is legitimate for a year


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