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18 signs of a cheating wife

cheating wife photo
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Changes in mood and behavior of your wife could be a sign she is cheating. Below are tips to assist you find if you have a cheating wife?



Sudden change in behavior making you very suspicious

After spending years with your partner, you definitely learn a lot about their responsibilities, what they like and vice versa. Very minor signs you couldn’t notice on someone else. The minor remarks, their dressing mode, expressions, the cologne of their choice, favorite food and definitely their favorite music tune. They might be small but they are patterns you will note from your partner. If there are some unexplained changes in your wife’s regular behavior, you ought to be suspicious. For starters it would be an amusement later the amusement gives in as a suspicion. It’s however normal and very okay to think your spouse has being cheating on you.

1.Is the phone history always deleted? Your wife is cheating

A loving loyal wife has nothing to hide from the husband especially phone messages. Despite the fact that you have never sneaked on her phones dialed history and call logs this behavior could make you curious and paranoid. She is definitely hiding something from you if you always find empty inboxes and cleared call logs on her phone.

cheating wife photo
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2.Sudden increase in working hours always coming home late

It’s quite normal and very okay if this happens only one or maybe twice a month, it might be a commitment which had to be completed. However if this becomes a daily routine happening every now and then. Always at workplace with a co-worker then something is fishy. If this doesn’t ogre well with you why not snoop in her office premises and find out the truth. This might solve all your suspicions thus saving or braking your marriage.

3.She is losing interest in sex she might be a cheating wife

The cause might be physical attraction toward someone else

Repeatedly she has being refusing you sexual invites and this is making you very paranoid. A woman who was into sex and now hardly shows no interest in it .For no apparent reason something is fishy. This might mean somebody somewhere is satisfying her sexual cravings somewhere behind your back.

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Or maybe to her you are repulsive

If lately you have gained a lot of weight or turned into a behavior she doesn’t like. Like smelling foul or drinking a lot. She might be refusing to have sex because of this reasons maybe she isn’t a cheating wife after all. Check this out before any conclusions

married couple photo4.Always wants you to take the kids for outing

She is not into family outings together with the kids even on holidays. She always has excuses about work commitments thus dumping everything on you. Always having extra projects on weekends with her coworker! This is a little hanky punky in here and you need to check it out.

5.Is she spending too much time on dressing up? The she is cheating

Is your wife taking too much time and efforts dressing up more than she was doing before? This is a signs that she is trying to impress someone with her makeup and clothing. She might be a cheating wife instead of getting fooled just go out there and find out.

6.Your wife has picked up a certain habit you never saw before

When she starts using certain word or expression which she never used or did before, This is  a sign that she is spending time with someone who use this expressions or words a lot. This might be enough reason for you to go and dig more to it.

7.Having a hint of gait and skip to them

She loves making you feel like you are into another planet. Everything seems perfect rosy and you are chirpy and joyful every minute. While in marriage it’s okay to be happy, a sudden change in your wife’s moods should be suspicious. Your spouse maybe fooling with you and is having an affair with someone else.

perfect couple photo8.No longer interested in going for long drives this a sign of cheating wife

You both love going for long drives. But of late, she is not interested in your rides anymore and you feel that you hardly spend any time with your better half. This is a sign she is getting bored with your company or she has a renewed interest elsewhere.

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9.She has developed strange philosophy

While talking about extra marital affairs of your family allies, she has completely different views which are strange and surprises you.She feels its okay people to have affairs unlike before where she was always against it, she might be having an affair to. A once so straight woman towards marriage and affairs cannot change suddenly with no reason.

10.She is no longer interested in family travels definitely she is a cheating wife

How do you refuse an exotic lovely family travel plan? Your wife doesn’t not agree on taking a leave from work to be with the family. She definitely doesn’t have interest in you or planning to travel together with you either. This might be the right time to have a conversation with you cause you already paranoid.

11.Your spouse spends too much time on her phone

Your dear wife is spending a lot of time texting, and even taking dozens of pictures with her phone daily. There must be the reason for her change in interest in socializing. She might be texting her new boyfriend thus maybe she is cheating on you.

12.She does not show signs of jealousy towards you,she might be a cheating wife

You once aggressive wife no longer bothers about your whereabouts. She no longer shows protectiveness whether you are out late with a female co-worker or having pool parties. Clearly the interest is no longer there.

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13.There is no intimacy or meaningful conversations between you and her

She is always giving priorities to her other works thus avoiding you.The last time you had meaningful conversations about you future and your family is months ago. Clearly all the excitement in life with you is gone, she is cheating on you.

14.Your wife is not showing interest around the house,she is a cheating wife

A dedicated wife to her family considers their home a safe haven and always does her best to keep it clean and always decorated. If your wife is losing interest in the house then clearly this is a sign of deteriorating relationship.

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15.The wife is always picking fights with you more often

Although it’s quite okay and normal as a couple to fight occasionally,you notice she picks fight over pettiest issue for no firm are getting paranoid with her behavior but you should keep you cool. She is doing it because the feeling are gone and to her living with you is burdensome. She has started liking somebody else behaviors and cannot keep up with yours any longer.

16.She wants to try new sex positions with you

Although it’s completely okay for couples to try something new in bed, you will get suspicious when she is a master in the new position who is teaching her? She most likely has an affair with somebody else and wants to try it with you.she mostly is a cheating wife but first do your research.

17.She suddenly acquires new clothes, jewelries and accessories

If your wife is always coming home with new clothes and accessories, this might be gifts from her new found lover. The other reason maybe your wife may have purchase them to impress the new boyfriend.You can check whether your suspicion is true by snooping on her whereabouts to find out if she is cheating on you.

husband and wife photo18.She gives vague answers

Whenever you bring up the top on cheating, clearly she is always denying it and her answers are unrealistic to means

.she is not cheating but is going through something else i.e. other problems

Your wife maybe going through depression thus loosing interest in life, this is often mistaken as a sign of cheating wife.


.she fears what the society will say thus keeps relationship due to kids

your wife is not comfortable admitting about extra marital affair. She feels okay staying married to you but enjoy her love interest with another man.Most likely she is financially dependent on you or she is doing so because of your kids or pressure from the society.  


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