Tedd Josiah blasts Ethic for 'killing music industry
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Tedd Josiah blasts Ethic for ‘killing music industry

Veteran Kenyan music producer Tedd Josiah has lashed out at gengetone fraternity for producing music with what he calls extreme indecency.

A visibly disappointed Tedd Josiah, who is one among the most decorated and respected Kenyan producers, and has worked with a number of the big names within the industry, blasted local music producers and artistes who he dubbed ‘wasanii na producers wa cut and paste’ and called them out for their very lewd content.

Speaking in sheng’ to seemingly appeal to the young stars, the ‘Kisima Awards’ founder didn’t mince his words in condemning Ethic and other gengetone stars for promoting rape culture in their songs.

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Speaking as a father , the producer slammed Ethic group,  who are in the middle of yet another storm of yet over their new song dubbed Soko, accusing them of killing an already struggling industry.

In a video on his social media pages, Josiah wondered why the artistes were talking about defiling infants in their music.

He questioned them why they wanted  “our beautiful Kenyan ladies think sex may be a man’s right and if you don’t provides it , then you aren’t nothing?”

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He went on: “Watu wanajiita my producer na wasani wa cut and paste na kutafuta fame talking about raping small girls and every one that crap! We see u! Derick Boondox here’s my true honest response.”

He added that he understood creativity and freedom of speech but didn’t approve of the new stars way of creating music.

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The single father of a three-year-old goes on to swear that he would be willing to travel to prison if someone abused her.

While Ethic have since issued an apology, Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Dr Ezekiel Mutua on Tuesday said its not enough.

The moral cop wants the hitmakers to face the complete force of the law.

He said that the group are repeat offenders and that they should be fined the stipulated Sh100,000 or handed the five-year jail term.

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