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Zari salivating over P Square Peter Okoye

Zari Hassan is at it again. The renounced business lady has aimed a salvage dig  at former fiancé and bongo star Diamond platinum by salivating over P Square peter okoye.

The expose comes barely after he had alleged on live radio, that Okoye and Zari we doing nasty behind his back.

peter okoye

Although both Zari and Okoye denied the allegations. Zari is still determined to hurt where it hurts most.

In an Instagram post that she has already pulled down. She talks of how peter okoye  aka Mr. P I every girls dream man.

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This she said as she promoted the Nigerian musician’s latest release – One More Night – featuring Niniola.


Zari believes the the member of the p square band is, “handsome, sexy and a real husband material”.

“I finally got a chance to watch my hommie’s new video for the song ‘One More Night’. Damn! hot, tall, dark, handsome, sexy and loaded. He is a husband and daddy too. He is every woman’s dream; a real husband material. Sexy daddy Oko Lola. Ah ah! Only you? @peterpsquare You finish work for this video no be small. Guys, go check it out! Link on his bio,” posted Zari.

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Okoye was all over the reply and even calling zari sweetie.zari salivating over p square Mr p seems mutual

p square

“Thanks so much sweetie. I really appreciate. Give my love to your lovely kids,” said Peter Okoye.


Okoye discredited diamonds allegations a week ago. Saying the allegations were stupid.


To be honest with you, I do not know what they are talking about. I can never, and would never say anything. Please, I have a new single, and I do not want to get distracted. I do not want to comment on Diamond’s allegations. In fact, it is stupid,” Okoye said on Cool FM

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