Top colleges and Universities in New York

Top colleges and Universities in New York

New York is one of the biggest cities in the US. Numerous universities and colleges are found in New York but the question is, which one is the best?

SUNY Binghamton.

For sure statistics do not lie. This university has a graduation rate of 80% and the school also sports a 90% retention rate indicating that majority of first year students enjoy their experience on campus and therefore go back the following year. Its net price stands at $16,540 per year with a no bad score of 81.68.

Vassar College.

This university has a net price of $21,933 with a score of 81.74. It has fewer than 2500 undergrads but it has the most creative learning environment. 97% of its students live in campus. This university has one of the most scenic. Its 1000-acre campus even includes two national historic landmarks.

CUNY Bernard M Baruch College.

It optimizes the concept of a “best value” school. It has a 70% graduation rate and a projected ROI north of 500000 dollars. In addition to that, the schools also stand out on its emphasis on diversity. Baruch bearcats speak more than 110 languages and represent more than 170 countries around the world!

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Barnard College.

In Partnership with Columbia university, students can enjoy small school experience while still accessing the vast resources of a larger institution. The two schools share libraries, courses and even a joint athletics consortium, while still operating separately from an administrative and policy perspective. It has a net price that stands at $22,815 per year with a score of 85.5.

Colgate University.

It is a small, highly selective liberal arts located in Hamilton. One of this college’s hallmark attributes is its innovative core curriculum, which emphasizes the “interdisciplinary of knowledge” and the importance of intellectual engagement. Colgate also has a number of unique majors including mathematics systems biology to environmental economics and LGBTQ Studies that prepares undergraduates for careers in cutting-edge fields.

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Webb Institute.

This university only offers one academic program. Students here receive a major double in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. It has a net price of $18,928 and an attractive score of 85.98! Webb applicants can also apply for a host of special scholarships that could reduce or even eliminate the cost of tuition.

Hamilton college.

It encourages its learners to thin outside the box and gives its students a chance of pursuing their interests regardless of their major. In addition, this is also one of the best universities in New York that is good in writing. It has a net price of $24,397 and an 86.75 score!

Cornell University.

The school is particularly active in research and supports an incredible range of academic institutes and labs. There major areas of investment include medicine, engineering, and agriculture. To be more precise there are nearly two-dozen research programs dedicated exclusively to food, farming and nutrition studies!

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Columbia University in the City of New York.

For starters, this university claims more than 80 Nobel laureates among its faculty, staff, and alumni, ensuring that majors of every discipline have access to brilliant minds that can help them forge their own paths to success. It has got a net price of $22,973 with a score of 98.57.

United States Merchant Marine Academy.

This university has no tuition charge making it the best in the list. On the back-end graduates are expected to thank the government by serving in the armed forces – either five years or active duty or eight years in the reserves. It has got an attractive score of 100.

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