Wahu kept me waiting for one hour on our first date – Nameless
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Wahu kept me waiting for one hour on our first date – Nameless

Kenyan artiste David Mathenge, aka Nameless shared  with his fans about his first date with wife Wahu Kagwi back within the days.

The lovebirds were meeting at Wimpy, then a famous nutriment restaurant, but Nameless had to wait for one hour as Wahu delayed her arrival.

“My first date with MamaTumiKeo was here. She came one hour late🤷🏾‍♂️

😠… Nilikuwa nimeboeka na hiyo story lakini singemshow juu nilikuwa nataka kumwingisha box… Nikamshow, “it’s ok”… Lakini kwa roho 😤….nikaendelea “infact I was just fine looking at the clock moving around and around😊” lakini kwa roho 🤷🏾‍♂️,” Nameless wrote.

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As he waited for Mama Tumiso, Nameless ordered for water as he only had a fixed amount for the date.

“Alafu, I couldn’t buy alot before she came, because I had come with exact cash for lunch for 2 . So ilibidi ni agize maji ya tap nikimgojea,” he said.

Waiting for her to point out up was also an act of faith as they both didn’t have phones to speak .

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“Kumbuka hakukuwa na smart phones kuuliza ” how far are you.” Unangoja date yako in FAITH 🙏🏿,” he added.

His fans joined within the conversation and shared their experiences at Wimpy.

Tallia Oyando wrote, “Wimpy Corner house was my joint was just talking about it the other day and how the one at Sarit lasted longer best fast food joint everrrr na hiyo coleslaw Yao ilitengenezwa na maji ya Canaan,”

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iamkevooh commented, “ Hehe I totally relate man. Hiyo Wimpy imeshanifanya nikakosa fare ya kurudi home aki… Spent kila kitu hapo and she  didn’t happen 😂😂😂😂😂,”


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