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Uber to focus more on electric bicycles and scooters

Uber predicts it will offer a bigger number of rides on electric bicycles and scooters than vehicles



Urban transportation, including one-personal electric vehicles intended for urban areas, is a quickly developing industry. Despite the fact that autos are incredible multi-use vehicles for rural and rustic areas. Commuters are currently finding that thickly populated urban areas can be better off with smaller, Transport means such as electric bicycles and e-scooters.

Currently with an expanding number of choices in the market for affordable electric transportations means.These little EVs are getting to be prominent choices in urban areas around the globe.

Uber, best known for its omnipresent ride-hailing service.Has paid heed to the points of interest that little and deft personal electric vehicles have over autos in urban areas.


As per TechCrunch, Uber research shows that 10yrs from now, ride-hailing will 50% of the organization’s business.

The company,has effectively made strides towards that objective.putting efforts in adding personal electric vehicles to its arrangement of transportation alternative.

Uber is undertaking to diversify their services and capitalize on the meteoric rise and success of electric scooter-share companies.




Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi expounded on Uber’s strategy yesterday at Disrupt SF:

“We want to be the Amazon of transportation. And hopefully, 10 years from now, no one in the audience is going to own a car.”


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rides on electric bicycles and scooters

To accomplish that objective, Uber has its turn in various projects.Uber put $335 million in Lime not long ago, one of the largest electric scooter rental service providers. That deal brought forth partnership between the two organizations, permitting Uber clients to rent Lime scooters through the Uber application. Not long after, Uber acquired the electric bicycle rental company JUMP in a $100 million deal that saw the organization’s entrance into the electric bicycle showcase.




Currently, Uber is growing its extension considerably further with an eye on its own electric bicycles. Notwithstanding huge players like Bird and Lime. Both Uber and Lyft have been endeavoring to pick up a dependable balance in the lucrative scooter wars.


 Electric scooter wars

San Francisco, one the biggest urban areas at the core of the scooter war, incidentally restricted electric scooters not long ago after Bird, Lime and Spin folded into the city infringing upon  local ordinances.

 San Francisco made a grant framework to enable organizations to apply for consent to operate scooters in the city. In spite of Uber being a leader in the challenge, they were ignored for a city grant. With just two companies receiving the pined for prize to operate electric scooters in San Francisco: Skip and Scoot.



Uber was baffled with the outcome, as Khosrowshahi clarified:

“We weren’t happy about the result of that process. The good news is that we have a lot of Jump bikes on the street now, so we have connectivity into the SF market. But you do have to put things into perspective. We are a global company. We are in 600+ cities all over the world. So while we weren’t happy with the SF decision, what I have found is that over a long period of time, local regulators do the right thing for people living in their cities. So if we continue to improve ourselves in terms of being a great provider, being a quality provider, being able to drive very high utility and utilization of our assets on the street, we will get there in SF and most other cities that we operate in.”




Our take:

Uber is now purportedly taking a shot at building up its own in-house electric scooters, abstaining from utilizing the standard model that numerous other electric bike rental organizations have utilized, the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter. With its very own exclusive scooter and the company’s tremendous involvement with urban transportation.It could be a considerable power in the on-demand transportation sector.

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Also, Uber isn’t the only one in its quest. Lyft is spot on its heels with the introduction of its own electric scooter rental administration today in Denver.



With such a significant number of huge companies wagering on electric scooters and e-bicycles,likewise it’s hard not to see where this is going. Personal electric vehicles are turning into the ruler of the street in urban areas.

Not exclusively are they being offered as rentals by an ever increasing number of companies daily, yet offers of electric vehicles are expanding in all cases. With great quality electric scooters and e-bicycles now available for under $500, these little EV’s are at long last getting to be as affordable as they are helpful. Furthermore, customers are opening up to it also.


What do you think?Lastly Will Uber change from a vehicle hailing service to a lion’s share e-bicycle and scooters hailing services? Are these personal electric vehicles the eventual fate of urban transportation? Tell us your take in comment section below.






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