Top 6 Kenyan MPS Who Have Been Alleged To Have Sexually Assaulted Women

The claims leveled against Imenti Central MP Gideon Mwiti are nothing but the same old thing new.
I figure there is alot of truth in the aphorism, “there is nothing but the same old thing new under the sun”. Particularly regarding the August House. A spot where incidentally, everybody is give the title “Respectable So-thus” yet the charges are never good.

A speedy take a gander at over a wide span of time Parliaments paints a somewhat disheartening picture of affirmations of roughness against ladies and in one occurrence, the blamed basically wedded his claimed exploited person. Can you envision that? Being asked to wed your claimed aggressor?

Check out the list below of the MPs who have been alleged to have violated women below:

 1.   Imenti Central MP Gideon Mwiti

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The Imenti Central MP Gideon Mwiti is the most recent legislator to be blamed for assault. In March 2015, a lady charges that the MP baited her to his office to examine some advertising business bargain before assaulting her.

The Star reports that as per the lady, Mwiti deferred their meeting at his office in Westlands, Nairobi until 10 pm. The lady, who is hitched, claims she was then subjected to an automatic HIV test before she was beaten and assaulted.

2. Juja MP Francis Waititu


Juja MP Francis Waititu stood out as truly newsworthy late February when one Susan Wambui who asserted to be his CDF secretary blamed him for inappropriate behavior and passing dangers after she declined to offer into his lewd gestures.

The MP has denied the allegations terming them “wild and malignant”. He peruses political maneuvers in the matter.

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3. Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi

In May a year ago, reported that a lady had charged Kiambu Senator nicknamed “Wamatangi” of assault. 

As per the lady’s sworn affirmation at Nairobi Children’s Court, the episode happened on July eighteenth 2006 while she was functioning as a house help for Wamatangi and she was impregnated in  the process 

4. Turbo MP Elisha Busienei

Joyce Lay a week ago, while the two, among different administrators, went hand in hand with President Kenyatta to Tokyo Japan as a feature of the Defense and Foreign Affairs board of trustees.

Lay who was busy on the same lodging floor with Busienei raised the issue through the advisory group’s WhatsApp gathering asserting that the Turbo administrator offended her and hammered an entryway in her face after she turned down his lewd gestures for sex


5. Mount Elgon MP John Serut

John Serut is the current MP for Mt. Elgon. He likewise spoke to the same body electorate in the ninth parliament. It is amid his residency in 2003 that he named in parliament as the part who had attempted to sexually strike a representative of parliament.

The MP denied the allegations at a question and answer session that same week in which he was joined by his wife.

6. Julius Sunkuli – Former Cabinet Minister

In 1999, two schoolgirls guaranteed they had been contaminated by Julius Sunkuli, who was then a bureau serve in the legislature of Daniel Arap Moi. One of the young ladies outstandingly guaranteed that the offense was submitted on the rug inside the clergyman’s authority government office.

Sunkuli denied all the assertions and was never charged in court.

source; The Star


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