tesla model y prototype
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Tesla Model Y prototype spotted on road for the First time

Tesla model y prototype SPOTTED ,how much does it cost?

Just months after its much awaited launch the Tesla Model Y prototype.A trial version of the new electric hybrid has been seen in public for the first time.

In March, Tesla demonstrated the Model Y.aAother electric hybrid cloned on the Model 3 platform, to general society out for the first time.


Those who attended the event in los angles even had a free ride.

At Tesla headquarter in Palo Alto the vehicle was also briefly displayed. This was to give employees a chance to see the new beast in real life.

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Likewise a model Y hybrid car was also spotted driving for the first time.



tesla model y prototype



It was only this week when chargepoint also shared the Model Y. Although the company dint disclose the exact location the picture was captioned, rumors have it that it’s at their headquarters in San Jose in Northern California.

Considering the fact chargepoint have of charging station there. Tesla could have visited the parking lot for some power.ChargePoint ability to have some fast changers makes high end vehicles visit often.

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That was the only solo picture shared by the charging station manufacture.





The Model has previously been spotted earlier this year.Although modified as a crane vehicle.

Tesla was though using it for Tesla Corsa event at Buttonwillow test track.


Tesla model vehicle doing films


 Possibilities are Tesla was using the Model Y prototype to film some promotional materials.



When Tesla first launched the Model Y this year. Tesla the now famous auto dealer promised the electric hybrid will start at $39,000 and have a range of up 300 miles.

Due to public demand, the company has modified its pricing structure.Contrary to what they promised.

Tesla model y prototype.Is now available at just $48,000 on tesla’s official website.



According to Tesla the vehicle can be configured with up to seven seats since it has an optional row.

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