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Al-Shabaab Plan to bomb Parliament as top actress spits fire.

Recent intelligence  reports indicate that members of the dreaded terror group, Al-Shabaab.Alshabaab plan  to blow up Kenyan parliament. It’s alleged that about 12 Al-Shabaab members have already jetted in the country and they are carrying out an aerial survey of the Parliament.

Intelligence reports further indicate that a car carrying out explosives is likely to be used However it’s not yet clear where it has been parked.

When Nation FM opened up a discussion on the story in their Facebook page.Some Kenyans supported the Al-Shabaab’s plan to blow up the Parliament.

Here’s how some Kenyans reacted. Nicholas M,On that one you gt my full support alshabab. Hata mumechelewa.

Nick Link The best idea alshabaab has ever come up with…blow em up.

Gabriel Lagat I have no problem with that, go go Al shabaab, .. . tuta-elect wengine.

Piny Orumo Owada They should have done it even the day they wanted to impeach Namwamba…. Infact if they do so I shall walk naked from Lamu to Busia.

Duncan Muchiri They will each ask for 10 bodyguards and chase cars, parliament to be located in the middle of a barrack,armoured vehicles and more money as ‘risk allowance’ Mpigs kweli.

Sophy Vamalian Varminator make sure u place the grunade where duale is sitting and when it goes atttack it ends with him,too bad kithuri kindiki wnt b arnd make sure u trap him too,alshaabab u wise for once.

Kariuki M’kesho hope wataiweka where moses kuria sits,imblow mpaka forehead wacha ivo anasemanga foreskin.

However, top actress, Liz Njagah, has told those supporting Al-Shabaab in their  evil plans to wisen up.

 Below is her harsh  message to all those crazy Kenyans supporting Al-Shabaab’s plan to bomb Parliament.

This is what happens when the politicians are not in our living rooms.Everyday poisoning our minds with the ‘work’ they are hardly doing.. People wisen up.

I don’t encourage violence against anyone but wololo the people calling for their blood on the comments. Times are changing.. Can this be considered hate speech? *finds a safe house*

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