Rwanda To Deploy Robots In Fighting Covid-19
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Rwanda To Deploy Robots In Fighting Covid-19

The Ministry of Health in Rwanda has imported five robots to assist with the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The five robots are given Rwandan names and can be used as an interface between patients and doctors hence reducing human contact and therefore the risk of transmitting the Corona virus. Rwanda has 284 confirmed Covid-19 cases with 140 recoveries and no fatalities.

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The Minister for Health in Rwanda confirmed that the robots are going to be deployed to Corona virus treatment centres and other public places.

A twitter post on Rwanda Biomedical Centre’s official handle explained that the robots will screen temperature, monitor status and keep medical records of patients.

Besides getting used in treatment centres, the robots are going to be deployed to be used publicly places like bus stops and entrances to shopping malls.

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“The robots will be used as the interface between doctors and patients to avoid any possible human contact,” said Minister Ngamije.

“Some of the robots have already been in Rwanda and will be programmed and employed first.” He added.

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