Mother who boiled stones as food loses child
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Mother who boiled stones as food loses child

A week after Peninah Bahati Kitsao received aid to save her kids from dying of hunger, the widow from Kisauni, Mombasa County, has lost her last born child.

Ms Kitsao’s four-month-old baby, Mary Kaingu, died on Thursday morning after having a fever for 3 days.

“She developed a fever that saw her admitted on Monday,” Ms Kitsao’s first born Saumu Kaingu said.

“She was to be discharged on Wednesday as she had improved, only to die today,” the 24-year-old said.


The family immediately made arrangements to collect the body from Coast General Hospital, where the kid was treated, for the burial.

Ms Kitsao, whose husband was killed by a criminal gang a couple of months ago, has been struggling to seek out food for her children since then.

Her situation worsened as Covid-19 pandemic meant she could not find the menial jobs she relied on to feed her family.

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A few days ago, the media highlighted her predicament of boiling stones to make it seem to her children that she was preparing a meal for them as she had nothing.

She then received monetary and food donations from the Kenya Red Cross Society, Mombasa County and other well-wishers.


A tearful Ms Kitsao thanked the well-wishers and promised to use the cash and donations to enhance her family’s living standards.

“I am lost for words. I am grateful for this help. Surely I couldn’t have received this kind of help without God, who made it possible for the media to highlight my plight. I now have enough food for my children,” she said while holding Mary in her arms, when the well-wishers visited her at the time.

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“God has heard my prayer and I am forever grateful. I will use every coin to improve their living conditions and educate them.”

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