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lotion for albinos- BY KENYANS TO TANZANIA

Tanzania has been in the spotlight lately,
Following the killings of people with albinism in
the country.kenyan musicians to give them  screen lotion for albinos.
Thanks to the superstition playing
ground in Kikwete’s territory.Body
parts from the albinos are capable of healing
and bringing fortunes to users.
Tanzania has tried to protect albinos, with culprits who were
found to kill albinos  handed a death sentence.
The government of Tanzania has also banned 
witchdoctors .Who were believed to demand the body parts of
the albinos.Kenyan veteran singer Nonini has futher made a move to
help Tanzania protect albinos. Against perverts who kill them
for superstitious reasons.
Speaking to the Pulse LIVE, equally important Nonini says that he intends to take his
ColourKwaFace Campaign to Tanzania.Therefore educating
the public on the need to stop killing albinos.likewise Nonini’s campaign aims at enabling people with albinism get
access to screen  lotion for albinos .
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