Krg The Don is proof that money can’t buy talent
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Krg The Don is proof that money can’t buy talent

Dancehall singer Karuga Kimani, better referred to as Krg The Don, may have all the cash within the world but one thing he can’t buy with it’s talent.

I know a number of you who are reading this text are his fans and it’ll definitely anger you but you see, someone had to mention it, regrettable that it had to be me.
If you Google Krg The Don, you’ll see many articles about his pricey cars, houses and whatnot. Interestingly, there’s no article where he’s mentioned as a talented artist because he’s just not.

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This lad is looking good which means he has no problem paying studio fees or shooting a video as is that the case with most local artists. I’m sure he even pays double because he has deep pockets.

Krg The Don is proof that money can’t buy talent

What this suggests is that he can release a track whenever and as regularly as he wants which may be a problem because he ends up giving his fans mediocre music.

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To me it looks like Krg The Don does music to pass time an equivalent way you and  i , who aren’t as loaded as he’s , can watch a movie or go swimming once we are bored.

More often than not, his lyrics are flat and uninspired. At times, his whack songs leave me wondering why he can’t hire a songwriter with all the cash that he has. Isn’t money an answer to all or any problems?

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To be fair though, Krg The Don has a tremendous voice and he has the potential of becoming one among the best dancehall artists not only in this country but the entire of Africa but i feel he just doesn’t care.


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