I miss my normal life – Betty Kyallo amidst COVID-19
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I miss my normal life – Betty Kyallo amidst COVID-19

The plight of the planet within the face of the novel Coronavirus can simply be put in 2 words: No Socializing.

Human beings were created as social beings and it’s a troublesome time when peoples of the planet are barred from freely mixing with one another .

‘No more hang-outs, no more school for teenagers , no more lazy park sittings, no more friend meet-ups..’ that best explains Betty Kyallo’s current lifestyle.

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Taking to her Instagram pages, the bubbly journalist was baffled at just what proportion her normal routine had changed within the span of days.

Known to be pretty social and welcoming to those that feel her vibe and relax her days, the present times are pretty confining.

I miss the normal life, handshakes, kisses and hugs, strategy meetings, hustling meet ups, hanging out with my daughter in the malls and playgrounds, her going to school, Lazy park sittings, going out, dancing, meeting friends, travelling….

Either way, the beauty encouraged her online family to hold on just a little longer for the sun is about to rise.

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All in a bid, to protect loved ones and contain the virus from spreading any further.

However this will pass. Let’s try in our own ways to keep off Spreading this virus. Let’s educate ourselves. We need to pray and act right so we can beat this.

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