Joey Muthengi back on Instagram
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Joey Muthengi back on Instagram after giving up her hacked account

Media personality Joey Muthengi has given up her Instagram account after it was  hacked.

The account which had been verified was on the brink of a million followers, but about three weeks ago, she started losing almost thousand followers a day.

The Capital FM presenter is now back on Instagram with a new account joey_muthengi.

When she was hacked, she immediately alerted her fans and cautioned them against accepting any lucrative deals sent their way within the name of ‘Joey Muthengi’.

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“Hey friends, it appears my account has been hacked. Please don’t comply with any seemingly lucrative deals on my behalf,” Joey posted on her Insta-story.

She brutally condemned the hacker for the ill act, strongly declaring that never in her right mind, would she ever buy something she rightly owns because it emerged the hackers wanted money from her to return the account to her.

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