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Jeremy Clarkson’s house blown up in-The Grand Tour


The Grand Tour’s Latest episode was dubbed as the ‘’best yet’’ by Clarkson’s fans who were not impressed by last week’s show.This episode Jeremy Clarkson’s house  is going down.

James May, Richard Hammond and the Host Jeremy Clarkson all made a trip to Italy all in sports cars. For the new episode dubbed Opera, Arts and donuts.Mission was to destroy Jeremy Clarkson’s house

Jeremy Clarkson's house
Jeremy Clarkson,Richard Hammond,James May\the grand tour

Jeremy Clarkson’s house-The Grand Tour

Both Hammond and May bulldozed their friends house before turning to what they called plan ‘’B’’.Oh my blowing up the whole building.But for those who can afford why not do it.

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However the debate was not about saving the house but his prized assets. The possessions included a voodoo dool bearing May’s face on it. Hammond pictures in an album and a portrait of the presenter naked riding a horse. Unfortunately the trio decided against it and chucked everything into debris.


The show was this time shot in Whitby, Yorkshire. As usual it feature super ample cars ranging from, Aston Martin Grand Tourer, Rolls Royce Dawn and the Dodge Charger Hellcat.





Certainly fans did not enjoy the destruction of Jeremy Clarkson’s house, but the motor cars they drove. They decided to enjoy themselves by racing against each other around Mugello racing track in Florence.


One viewer said: “Much better @thegrandtour this week. Kept it simple, which is why it was good.”


Another wrote: “Really enjoyed episode 3. The best yet. Amazing camera work and laugh out loud moment’s #grandtour.”



This praises are coming a week later after the second instalment was branded ‘’ fiendish’’

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The desert stumble,although this episode saw both May and Hammond take part in a train in Jordan with the special forces.


A viewer posted: “This army training bit in the grand tour is pretty c*** to be honest. Far too obviously staged and not very funny….”


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