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Jeremy Clarkson Cars collection-in pictures

With Jeremy Clarkson being a force to not to be underestimated with in Top Gear and now in The Grand Tour, the cars that he really spends his own cash on are very significant. The reason being that he has driven many, numerous vehicles. So when he buys a vehicle, you realize they are worth every penny.



Range Rover TDV8 Vogue SE

Range Rover TDV8 Vogue SE

Despite the fact that you might be here for Clarkson’s supercars, we think his day by day drives are more significant. Why? Since he invests most of his energy and money in this. So it truly be what you are searching for.As many would expect, this isn’t the supercharged petrol gazler, yet you can’t beat the low fuel consumption of the diesel V8 when most of your drives are on the highway
Vogue is decorated with a lot of extra features, so ideal for an extravagant lengthy drives for Clarkson.




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Many know the narrative of Clarkson’s Ford GT. He got it after it began production in 2005 and quickly discovered that it wasn’t quiet right.Few days and the immobilizer was faulty, and after a few issues of the alarm going off amidst the night. The immobilizer disabling the vehicle, and the vehicle not starting, he gave it back to Ford. In spite of the fact that he repurchase it, however later sold it.
While the GT is perhaps a standout amongst the most supercars out there, it must be the most unreliable of all.



Ford Escort RS Cosworth


clarkson Ford Escort RS Cosworth

As part of Ford’s racing legacy history, each vehicle lover needs a Cosworth at some point in his career. For Clarkson, the Escort RS Cosworth was the vehicle to pick. Not exclusively is it a legend in its very own right, however at this point has an endorsement from the big dog himself.

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Volvo XC90


Everybody needs a vehicle for the kids, and this is Clarkson’s. Truth be told, he cherishes the XC90 so much, he owned more than two at some point. It must be great in the fact that he drives the children to school in this German machine. A family man needs to do what he needs to do!.Be there for your family.



Jeremy clarkson cars also include Ferrari F355

jeremy clarkson cars collection

While Clarkson may have a taste for Lamborghinis, he couldn’t say no to a Ferrari 355. This specific car was Clarkson’s first expensive buy when he broke into his TV career. Shockingly he regretted going for the GTS version which he talked about in a column of Top Gear Magazine.

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder


While it’s not the ideal vehicle, Clarkson has a liking for Lamborghinis. Specifically, the Gallardo Spyder. Clarkson describes it as a rugged sports car compared with Ferraris which are fragile. They likewise stable out of this world and consequently, suit Clarkson superbly.

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BMW 3.0L CSL (E9) in Jeremy clarkson cars list

BMW 3.0L CSL (E9)Jeremy clarkson cars



Purchased before his fame, Clarkson couldn’t resist the lightweight BMW sports .competing any semblance of the Porsche Carrera, it was a force to be reckoned. Furthermore, Jeremy couldn’t pick a Porsche in light of the fact that he was always against hammonds choices.



Alfa Romeo GTV6



The one that got away’. That is the manner by which Clarkson describes his Alfa GTV6 which he wound up selling. As Clarkson says, each petrolhead needs to own an Alfa, regardless of whether they are only Fiats with Alfa stickers. He still claims thats Alfa GTV6 is the best vehicle he’s at any point driven. Indeed, even ahead of the Lexus LFA


other Jeremy clarkson cars:

.Aston Martin Virage

.Volkswagen  Golf GTI

.Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG

.Honda CR-X

 .Volkswagen Scirocco 

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