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James may car collection-The Grand Tour

what cars does james may own?

James may’s nickname is captain slow. Although not all his cars are slow though most of them are. What does James may spend his money on. Here is a tailored list for you showing a list of cars owned by James may. Find out more about James may car collection.


Fiat panda



From supercars to fiats, James owns a lot of weird cars in his collection. The panda was his daily driver for years, He even joked how you can go fast on public roads. Anyway that only in a fiat. You use all the power all of time time. Unfortunately his Panda broke down in 2014 so he bought a BMW i3 instead.


BMW i3


In addition ,It costed him just £35,000(The government gave him £5,000 to buy electric car),After giving up the panda James fell in love with the i3.The machine is fully electric and also fast to a speed of 30mph, although overall it’s still slow.





Ferrari 458 speciale, in James May car collection list




james may car collection
Ferrari 458 Speciale

Fastest of his collection. James may has a strong taste for Ferraris. Call the fezzas as he calls them. But despite this love for Ferraris, he just managed to get his hands on the very last special edition 458. He’s previously owned a 458 Italia and an F430, too.


Rolls Royce Corniche


james may car collection/Rolls Royce Corniche
Rolls Royce Corniche

It’s a rich man’s car. From popular celebrities with massive bank rolls to armies of fans own corniches.For instance names like Sir Paul McCartney ,James may own it.May bought the car in 2007 but unlike may would have, he only drove it 10000 miles in 10yrs.In 2017 he sold the car due to him being allergic to its seats.

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Bentley T2

Bentley T2


The car is famous as the one James may reviewed on top gear during his very first appearance on the show. His film revolved around the idea that you should buy a T2 over a used Ford Mondeo. Unlike the rolls Royce he wasn’t allergic to its seats. He revealed it was probably something to do with seats stuffing.




Datsun 120Y


james may car collection
Datsun 120Y

Also known as the Nissan sunny the car is still something. It once went head to head with Nissan GTR on Top Gear in race across japan in 2008.This is the reason behind may’s love for the car. ’It’s the little Japanese car that proved to our dads they dint need a flaky Austin 1100 that will always breakdown with no warning’’ This fact can’t be argued with.

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1984 Porsche 911,in James May car collection list.


james may car collection
1984 Porsche 911

From Richard Hammond book, may believe it was the best car he ever bought. It was one of the last air-cooled Porsches on the market. James may car collection was later sold in 2015 fetching a cool £50,000, double the expected sales price.

Alfa Romeo 164

Alfa Romeo 164
Alfa Romeo 164

Having driven it as a company car in the 90s, consequently James May had said that he’d completely forgotten about it.Until he bought one in 2016 for £1,000 in a Top Gear challenge praising it for having

“Italy’s most charismatic V6”.In addition


Other cars in James may car collection list:

2005 Porsche Boxster S

Ferrari F430

Saab 9-5 Aero

Vauxhall Cavalier Mk1



Triumph 2000


Rolls Royce Phantom


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