Isiolo Magistrate Denies Marijuana Trafficker Cash Bail, Grants Bond
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Isiolo Magistrate Denies Marijuana Trafficker Cash Bail, Grants Bond

Isiolo Principal Magistrate Evanson Ngigi has released on bond a suspect who was caught transporting marijuana with a reported street value of Sh1.5 million.

The accused, Mamo Tege, was arrested in Isiolo town over the weekend by officers acting on a tip from members of the general public . He was arrested shortly after he had picked the shipment from another vehicle that had arrived from Moyale on Friday.

The weed which was destined for Nairobi had been stashed under the rear seats, under the bonnet, and in the spare tyre of a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.

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The vehicle also had a fake medical personnel sticker to permit the suspect to undergo the heavily manned road blocks undetected.

The driver also presented to the police two letters which differed in appearance and in serial numbers.

Mr Tege appeared before Magistrate Ngigi on Monday and pleaded not guilty to drug traffic charges.


Isiolo Magistrate Denies Marijuana Trafficker Cash Bail, Grants Bond

The suspect’s lawyer, Kiogora Mugambi, sought reasonable bail terms for his client saying it might be challenging for the accused to boost the sureties because the land registries and NTSA offices where he could get approval for automobile log books are closed.

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But the prosecution opposed his release on cash bail, arguing that due  to the nature of the offence, the accused could abscond court sessions.

Lawyer Denis Mang’are asked the court to grant Mr Mamo bond with three sureties for assurance that he wouldn’t fail to show up in court.

“I appeal to the court to consider the value of the narcotics and the fact that this offence has become so prevalent in the county and along Isiolo-Moyale highway. There are high chances that if released on lenient terms, the accused person may fail to appear in court whenever required,” said Mang’are.

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The Magistrate declined to grant cash bail and released the suspect on Sh500,000 bond or surety of similar amount.

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