Martha Karua enjoys Watching Banned Kenyan Lesbian Film 'Rafiki'
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Martha Karua enjoys Watching Banned Kenyan Lesbian Film ‘Rafiki’

Politician Martha Karua says she enjoyed watching the banned lesbian love film ‘Rafiki’.

This is after a link was shared on Twitter by US-based lawyer Prof Makau Mutua, who was against the ban.

In what was deemed as promoting lesbianism, Makau asked his followers to stream the film, even providing a link where one can watch it for free of charge .

Karua got the chance to watch it, and she  gave it a rave review.

“Thanks for sharing, Prof. Enjoyed watching this well-acted production by Wanuri,” she wrote on Twitter.

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Last week, the supreme court upheld the ban on the movie, saying it doesn’t in any way violate artistic freedom of expression but instead protects the society from moral decay.

Martha Karua says the double standards on what’s appropriate or acceptable for viewing is our undoing.

A section of followers disagreed with Karua.

One follower said, “On this Mama, allow us to comply with disagree. Let male citizenry remain male as female ones remain female. Some behaviours are assigned to males; others to female. Let it remain so.”

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Kerr Owino said the movie was made with wazungu money for wazungu audience. “Let’s refrain from aping the west as if it’s a symbol of sophistication and intelligence. this is often what plebeians, non patricians, glorify within the West. There are many Kenyan filmmakers making movies relevant to us.”

Martha Karua hit back, saying the movie doesn’t whatsoever in any way  ask anyone to behave in a particular way.”Just like once you watch the violent movies on our screens daily, there’s no requirement that you simply become a batterer or murderer,” she said.

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After the supreme court upheld the ban of the film, Wanuri, the writer/director and co-producer of ‘Rafiki’ said she is going to still fight against laws that haven’t any place in our democratic Kenyan society.

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