Otile Brown shows once again that he is the king of RnB in Kenya as he drops new love song “Vibaya”
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Otile Brown drops new love song “Vibaya”

Days after Otile Brown was rumored to having a “jungu”- girlfriend he drops a news love track dubbed “Vibaya.”

Otile is one among the few artists in Kenya who can boast of musical consistency.Despite being in many scandals that has never faltered his passion of creating good music.

In fact he’s one among the artists that Kenyans fall crazy with on a day to day .

“Vibaya” may be a love song that clearly depicts what proportion a person can fall in love with the proper woman.

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Otile Brown drops new love song “Vibaya”

He goes to shower the girl with praises of affection who during this case is played by vixen Maddie Jewitt.


Otile Brown’s lyrical prowess are often likened to the Bongo world. However the difference comes in with how he brings it out.

In the lyrics he adopted the lines from the taarab world that the majority us used during singing games as kids.

He goes like, “Nacho hitaji moyo ata akili ,haiwezi baini, Cha mtima cha moyo ata kama kibaya …Nakupenda Kipimo sina,Nakupenda vibaya ,Yaani Vizuri vibaya……Nampenda mpenda mpenda(Nani?)Mschana mmoja,Na jina lake, Nani?

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I know you sang that last part too.Well Otile did justice within the lyrics.This new song may be a clear indication that Otile is going to be Kenya’s RnB sensation for the longest time. Furthermore, him doing music and remaining relevant all this years is simply a presentation of passion and art.

Otile Brown shows once again that he is the king of RnB in Kenya as he drops new love song “Vibaya”Video

The visuals within the video provides a beautiful ambiance of Kenya’s scenery of the Ngong Hills with all the fog/mist.I am unsure of the difference so pick one.Point is that the location is gorgeous .

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The song was produced by Vickypondis and directed by Deskatores who have clearly done an honest job. If for love or money am sure Otile has served us all reasons to fall crazy over and once again stupidly of the results .

For that rating i will be able to give Otile 9/10.Watch and tell us what you think

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