Harry and Meghan threaten legal action over Canada paparazzi shots
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Harry and Meghan threaten legal action over Canada paparazzi shots

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have issued a warning over continued harassment by paparazzi photographers as they start their new life in Canada out of the spotlight.

It comes after images of Meghan were published within the media showing her taking a stroll through a public park on Vancouver Island.

The Duchess is often seen smiling as she walks alongside Archie and her two dogs.

Lawyers for the couple claim these were taken without her consent – which the photographer was hiding within the bushes and spying on her.

They also claim there are previous attempts to photograph them inside their home using long-range lenses in which paparazzi were permanently camped outside their home.Harry and Meghan threaten legal action over Canada paparazzi shots

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This comes days after Harry and Meghan agreed with a deal to step faraway from the royalty.

In a speech at a dinner for supporters of his Sentebale charity, the prince said the choice was made as they wanted to steer a more “peaceful life”.

“The decision that I even have made for my wife which I to step back, isn’t one I made lightly. it had been numerous months of talks after numerous years of challenges.

“And I do know I even have never always gotten it right, but as far as this goes, there was no other option.”

Harry and Meghan’s lawyers also highlighted serious safety concerns about how the paparazzi had been driving in Canada.


Prince Harry’s mum, Diana, died on 31 August 1997 after the car she was in crashed into a concrete pillar during a Paris tunnel, whilst trying to flee paparazzi photographers.

Harry referenced this in his speech on Sunday, adding: “When I lost my mum 23 years ago, you took me under your wing. You’ve looked out on behalf of me for therefore long, but the media may be a powerful force, and my hope is at some point our collective support for every other are often more powerful because this is often such a lot bigger than simply us.”

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Sky’s royal correspondent Rhiannon Mills said: “We’ve heard statements previously but this is often the first time in his words that he’s told an audience how he’s feeling.

“He is reiterating the fact that Harry and Meghan have wanted this new quite life partly thanks to the acute scrutiny that they feel they faced from the press here within the UK but also around the world.

“After all we also heard from the Queen how she recognized that intense scrutiny that they’ve faced when it came to arising thereupon deal to allow them to live that more independent life.”

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