Diana qualifies to be Bahati’s mother, says Akothee
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Diana qualifies to be Bahati’s mother, says Akothee

Diana Marua is making you all aware that she loves Bahati and nothing will change that.

The two have being trending for the past week after Khaligraph Jones released a song and mentioned the 2 that got them top trending. to make it more interesting, they recorded a TikTok video and Bahati crossed dressed that caught the eye of many .

Akothee, who has become a friend to the family was in full support of Diana, leaving an long, inspirational comment to the Bahati’s under the post, lightly noting there’s no problem with the artist being called his wife’s son since he’s actually an orphan.

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You qualify to be his mom – Akothee’s bold advice to Diana Marua


“Love is a beautiful thing, it has no age nor class, it’s a matter of two hearts & chemistry CROWNs it all. Love is a decision made by an individual to stick to their partner and embrace all their faults and strengths, @diana_marua you are a superhero good wife to @bahatikenya, Yes Bahati is an orphan, so you qualify to be his mom, we are all mothers to our husbands, even the ones carrying succession pacs with empty pockets, still wants to be pampered… Pamper your man and take care of your family. People talking shit behind you, are already behind, they can’t obstruct you neither can they be a stumbling block in your life, they don’t hate you, they want what you are carrying, even that your Bahati they want him. Bahati, those men want your wife, but nobody will want to have your children because they are a responsibility. ENJOY YOUR HOME”

Bahati says his fame has made his wife Diana always trend for the incorrect reasons.

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Announcing he was closing down his studio EMB Records last week, Bahati said his enemies have gone beyond that by trolling his wife.

“Right now Diana is within the limelight due to me. She has been abused due to me. She is hitting 1,000,000 followers for the incorrect stories,” he said.

Many  times, Diana Marua has been trolled by many that claim she is older than Bahati.

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She recently recounted just how hard the adjustment from a nobody girl to dating one of Kenya’s biggest celebrities was and what a disorientation she faced in her own country.

“I remember sometime back negativity used to get to me. You know cyberbullying, people who say trash about you and I remember it got to a point when I used to cry myself to sleep,” she said.

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