Deputy président faces assassination attempt

In the wake of murder and assassinations of key politicians in
the country, Deputy President William Ruto is not leaving
anything to chance as far as his security is concerned. On Friday, he instructed his security detail to put together a
mock assassination attempt on his life to see how well they
are prepared to protect him from assassins like those who
murdered Kabete MP George Muchai, his 2 armed bodyguards
and driver in cold blood in the middle of the city
. In the full scale mock drill, a man (an assassin) in camouflage,
tried to shoot at Deputy President William Ruto with a soft
gun near Diamond Park Building and threw the public into
confusion and panic with ‘gunshots’ rendering the air for
almost 10 minutes. However,
Ruto’s security
details were
alert and
foiled the mock assassination
attempt and
subdued the
‘shooter’ in
minutes. It took
onlookers long
before they
realized it was
just a drill.
Some Kenyans thought the
whole time
that all was not
well because
the drill looked so real. Ruto’s bodyguards proved that, they can protect their boss in
case of a real assassination attempt.
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