Reasons why you should work on campus.

Reasons why you should work on campus.

While a student’s inclination may be to find a job off campus at a local business, consider working on campus instead of immeasurable benefits. Four reasons why students ought to consider working on campus are discussed below.

  • It keeps academics a priority.

If you work of campus, your boss doesn’t have real stake in your education. You may just for once or twice get lucky when someone who will be flexible if you need to miss a shift to study. Though, not all off campuses are forgiving to student’s hectic schedules.” On campus jobs allows the student flexibility to be more committed to their studies than a student who is leaving the campus to work”, says a director of career services at Mississippi college in Clinton, Mississippi called Jennifer McGill.

Matthew Atkinson, a freshman at Mississippi college says that one of the best benefits of working on campus is the flexibility and that each semester he is able to adjust his hours as needed based on the classes he is taking. He also says that his on-campus boss is always willing to revise his schedule if it conflicts with academics.

  • It enhances your education.

Patti Goff an assistant vice president of student affairs of Providence college in Rhode Island said that working on campus would increase your skill set and prepare you further for your life and college.

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McGill also said that working an on-campus job allows students to gain professional skills while staying in the context of their learning environment. For the majority of on-campus jobs, the supervisors genuinely care to continue to create an experiential learning environment for their student

Atkinson also adds to say that he not only developed relationships across campus through his job but also gained experience related to his major. Atkinson doesn’t stop there, he adds that projects allows him to use what he is learning in the classroom by providing him with real-world experiences – something that off-campus jobs would most likely to offer a college freshman.

  • It offers unbeatable convenience.

Michael Fischer an interim president of Trinity university in San Antonio says that the benefit of working on campus is that students have the opportunity to find employment in a location that is already convenient for them, and structure their work time around their classes and other commitments.

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Goff says that that inconvenience can save time and money. He adds that the most obvious benefit of working on campus that students don’t have to factor in as much commuting or parking time, depending on the size of their campus and expense, into their busy student schedule.

  • Helps you engage with the campus.

It is said that college students especially the freshmen, benefit from feeling connected to their campus community. Working on campus will mean that you are engaged which becomes the keystone of academic success and campus integration. It is also a way of keeping students active in the community while learning professional skills before they venture into the real world. In addition to that, on-campus jobs can boost engagement in several ways including staffing events.

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