Universities may differ in level of the services they offer and as a result most students would love to experience their learning with the best colleges in online if at all they want to study online.

Oregon State University.

It offers 17 undergraduate programs at a competitive price of 271 dollars per credit for undergrads regardless of residency. Some of the undergraduate programs it offers include German, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, Economics, Psychology and horticulture. In addition, it offers a unique online post-back program in Computer Science. It has a graduation rate of 61%.

Arizona State University.

It has a graduation rate of 58%. It offers an outstanding 39 distinct undergraduate programs including unique offerings that is normally difficult to find in other schools. Students wishing to join will also find many graduate level programs including Engineering Science, Systems Engineering, English as a second language, history and more.

Northeastern University.

Its graduate rate is 83% as it offers 18 undergraduate programs, adding more programs every year. The university offers also offers more prolific in Finance, informatics, Engineering management, public administration and both masters and doctoral programs in education. This university being one of the largest private research universities is regarded as one of the best in US.

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University of Missouri.

With a graduation rate of 70%, it offers high quality online programs at undergraduate level. It offers programs such as hospitality, radiography and respiratory therapy which are difficult to find other schools offering online. Not only do this university offer the above programs but also offers programs in the education field, hence making it a priority college for educators seeking master’s degree.

University of Florida.

It offers 13 undergraduate programs. Four of which are completion programs, eight of which are full four years online programs. Some of the undergraduate programs it boasts of are Business, Health, Education and Behavior, Biology, Geology and Digital Arts and Sciences. It also has 30 distinctive graduate programs including communication, Latin, pharmaceuticals, business and art education.

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University of Wisconsin System Online.

The university has got a graduation rate of 83% offering a total of 30 undergraduate programs, more than 40 masters programs and 2 doctorates both of which are nursing. Also, UW system online offers associate degree programs. American studies, human development, political science is some of the undergraduate programs. Some of the graduate programs include electric and computer engineering, manufacturing engineering and mechanical engineering.

University of North Carolina Online System.

With a graduation rate of 90%, UNC system offers numerous high-quality programs at both bachelor’s and masters level. Numerous programs are offered through NC state which, while not the flagship campus of the system, it’s still one of the marked universities in the US.

University of Illinois System Online.

They offer courses in all campuses that is in Urbana-Champaign, Springfield and Chicago. Undergraduate programs offered include computer science, business administration, philosophy, mathematical sciences and nursing. The ten points rated university also shines in graduate programs which include political science, public health, mechanical engineering, aerospace etc. All these courses are offered online.

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Drexel University.

The 70% graduation rated university offers massive selection of online programs most of which are at graduate level. They also have 11 undergraduate programs which include education, business administration, communication and psychology. Graduate programs offered at DU include business, clinical research, education, engineering, information science, nursing and technology. It also offers numerous certificate programs.

Pennsylvania State University.

Its graduation rate is 85%. It has offered distance education for over 100 years now. It’s bachelor’s programs is ranked 3rd and its business programs are AACSB accredited. It offers both graduate and undergraduate programs. Some of the undergraduate programs include business, finance, international politics, security and risk analysis. Graduate programs include extensive offerings in homeland security etc.

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