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Barrack obama – after being the united states president


Barrack obama set to come to kenya.Find out WHY.


United States of America President Barrack Obama is situated to visit Kenya. . Obama is attending theGlobal Entrepreneurship Summit (GES2015).The summit  will be attended by business people and youth.Ambassador Robbert Godec broke the news .After a press instructions at State House in Nairobi.

When obama last visited africa he visited 3 African countries Tanzania, Senegal and South Africa .obama  did not visit kenya.So this brought up numerous issues .considering having a kenyan parent.

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The world’s most powerful President Obama.Visited Kenya in 1987. Being  Senator in 2006 however not as a President.However this will be good news since barrack is the first us president to visit keny.Although there is no information about his family travelling

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