All about Lulu Hassan,From surviving an accident to her exotic heritage!
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All about Lulu Hassan,From surviving an accident to her exotic heritage!

Little is known about Citizen TV news anchor LuLu Khadija Hassan.

The Swahili media personality isknown for her sense of fashion and great grasp of the language.

Here are facts you didn’t know about Lulu Hassan.

1. along side her husband, Rashid Abdallah, they own a company called Jiffy Pictures that are liable for TV’s hottest soaps opera, Maria. the production hous is turning to a big thing  in kenya they have over 5 TV shows being broadcasted in various TV stations.

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The other shows are Pete, Sarafu, Kovu and Huba among others.

2. Lulu has an exotic heritage. She was born in Mombasa County to a Kikuyu mother, Mariam Abu, who had both Seychellois and Kikuyu roots. Sadly, her mum passed away in 2007.

Read Lulu Hassan’s special birthday message to Rashid Abdalla as he turns a year older!

Lulu is that the first born to a family of three girls.

3. Lulu initially trained to be a cabin crew hostess but an opportunity in radio opened doors for her now extensive and elaborate career in media.

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4. Lulu is married to fellow newscaster Rashid Abdallah and together they have three beautiful children.

5. Lulu escaped with her life after being involved in a road accident that left her with hip injuries.

This was back in 2010.

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