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Adelle Onyango becomes first African with a syndicated podcast after landing deal with Trace

Award-winning and celebrated radio host Adelle Onyango has landed herself a recrativet gig with Trace FM. The station will air her podcast, legally clueless, making her the primary African to possess a syndicated podcast.

Adelle, after a successful ten years of radio career, decided to start out her weekly podcast dubbed Legally Clueless. It documents the individual stages of the unique human journeys of a typical African person.

Adelle Onyango, through her podcast, provides Africans with agency over their tales of Africa portrayal.

Legally clueless isthe most influential podcast in Kenya. It boasts of over 388,000 streams.

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The sky isn’t the limit because the podcast continues making strides, becoming the primary African syndicated podcast. From the 4th of May, it’ll air on Trace FM 3 times during a week 9Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Adelle Onyango becomes first African with a syndicated podcast after landing deal with Trace

I am excited
Adelle expressed her excitement  with her partnership with Trace FM. consistent with her, Africans can now hear stories to relatable stories also as sharing their own.

“This is an exciting partnership as it will allow Africans to hear stories they can relate with and to tell their own stories as well. It marks a shift in how Africans consume create and interact with audio content. To be able to partner with a brand that is just as passionate as I am about Africa in terms of our voices, culture, and people is amazing. This will be a powerful journey for us as Africans,” Adelle commented.

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Trace acknowledged that teaming up with Adelle was an excellent idea since they’re going to empower and entertain their African audience. They further added that they’re continually trying to find like-minded people to partner with them.

“This partnership will mark the first of many steps. Trace intends to make across the continent. We are consistently looking for like-minded partnerships that have similar goals. We believe that to reach the over 400M youth, that is the African continent we will have to create meaningful partnerships that have shared vision in creating equity in our society,” Trace commented.

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