I Will Never Bow Before a Fan, Comedian YY Declares
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Churchill Show comedian YY has declared that he will never bow before a “disrespectful” fan.

Last week, the comedian ruffled feathers on social media as he called out trolls and cyberbullies. He cited the case of fellow comedian Mulamwah, who dramatically threatened to quit comedy over incessant trolling from the Kenyan online community.

The only problem with YY’s rant was that he showed off his car in an unnecessary plan to drive his point across.

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“You’re told to figure , but all you are doing is abuse people online, your work is to abuse Akothee, YY, Mulamwah. What does it help you with? All you are doing is buy data and insult people online. Continue insulting people, continue! check out who you’re insulting,” he said while gesturing towards his SUV.

The comedian has now vowed to never bow before fans who feel entitled. Taking to his YouTube Channel, YY referenced an encounter with some fans who wanted to require selfies.

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“I respect each fan who treats me with respect. However, there are disrespectful fans out here. i used to be in Nanyuki, I met fans that wanted to require selfies and told me I should cross the road, but I told them to cross instead,” said the funnyman.

“Because of that, they insulted me. They said I  have an ego. That I’m alleged to attend them, to bow. i will  never bow before a fan or go under a fan . I only bow to God and nobody else.”

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