Tesla’s new Full Self-Driving computer
Tesla Autopilot

Tesla’s new Full Self-Driving computer now in production


Confirmed that Tesla’s new full self-driving computer in late stages of production, Elon musk took his time to elaborate on its state of current vs the now in production generation computer.


Tesla’s introduction of second generation computer for Autopilot back in 2016, The CEO confirmed that Tesla had in deed starting to hit its limits of the first generation hardware.


Tesla’s new Full Self-Driving computer

Although they could do some incremental improvements to the existing features.Tesla could not introduce new features to the system.

The same scenario seems to be occurring again to the second generation hardware. Although Tesla is bringing its third generation into production only time will tell.

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It was not long ago when Tesla confirmed that the new full self-driving computer is in production. Vehicles delivered over the last few weeks appear to be fully equipped with the new computer.




TESLA CEO Elon Musk has stated that, current software takes a 5% of the computing load of the new software.


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Compared to cars equipped with autopilot2.5 computers it compares at 80%.Good news is its capacity is almost to the maximum.

Keeping in mind the redundancy level.

Here is how they handled redundancy levels with the new FSD Computer, according to Elon.

“Two, independent system-on-chip architecture, with each SoC having two NN accelerators that can perform simultaneous health-check calculations to protect against a soft error.”


Elon Musk revealed that Tesla has the capacity to improve its software over time and gets to full capacity of the previous generation. Autopilot computer, the automaker will start offering the retrofit for free to owners who purchased the Full Self-Driving package.

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Tesla’s CEO has also confirmed that.Tesla’s mobile service team will install the new computer without owners having to visit service center,Lastly.


OUR TAKE ON, Tesla’s new full self-driving computer

Tesla seems to be doing field study, they were one of the automakers to implement it.

It’s more than important for vehicle manufactures to have the most powerful and latest tech inside their vehicles.

It’s worrying about the retrofits. Likewise there will be hundreds of thousands of retrofits to do and it will be an incredible workload.

Computing power inside vehicles is key if you are producing self-driving systems

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